The Development Department (the Department) is responsible for increasing the quality of, and participation in, tennis in the ITF’s member National Associations, from the first introduction to the sport up to, and including, the transition from junior to professional status. This responsibility is encapsulated in the mission of the Department: to increase the number and standard of players worldwide. Pursuit of this mission is defined in terms of two objectives, i.e.

1. To increase participation in tennis worldwide for all ages, genders, playing standards and physical abilities.
2. To develop talented players, particularly those from nations that are both under-resourced and under-represented.

The activities of the Department rest on four pillars: Events; Facilities (including training centres); Coaching (education); Participation. The Department provides an appropriate combination of services in these areas to National Associations and their affiliated clubs and members through close cooperation and collaboration.

The Research Officer is responsible for coordinating some of the coaching projects whilst providing effective service to ITF stakeholders in the Coaching pillar. The Research Officer also serves an assistant function to their direct report, who is responsible for implementing the coaching activities.

Please find enclosed below the job description for this position.