New Red Clay Tennis Court in Corfu Greece

A new partnership between Hotel & Tennis and Livadi Nafsika Hotel has just been signed. The Hotel company trusted our website to operate the facility for the following years. The old hard court has totally been renovated to a luxurious red clay tennis court, which is right now the top choice of the island.

Description of our Services

The guests of the Hotel are able to rent the court or choose to improve their tennis shots with our local coach.

The court also operate for local players who are coming daily to the facility and this is giving the opportunity to the tourists to book a friendly match with a local player.

In our facility there is a stringing machine in order to restring your racket here in Corfu.

Finally, our exclusively contract with Wilson, gives us the opportunity to rent rackets and balls to our customers for all ages and levels.


Corfu Red Clay Tennis Court Services


  1. Court Rental
  2. Tennis Lessons
  3. Stringing
  4. Match Making
  5. Equipment Rental


For reservations or more information about the red clay tennis court please contact mr. Vagelis Pensos at 00306977161040 or send your request at [email protected]

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