Female Tennis Coach Opportunity (Turkey Summer 2018)

Start 15th April , finish last Sunday of October.
-All Transfers, from home to hotel
-For Working permits spending,
-Government insurance, including healthy insurance,
-All taxes
-All accommodations, (There is a room in the hotel next to the Tennis Club)
They will take 13€ for each lessons after 1000 lessons 15€ ( clean)
All extras are 50% discount ,
After 11:00 am till  17:00 pm the coach will be free in club. She may do what ever  she wants.
Female Coach is needed because there is another girl from Romania and there is only one room.
She must be perfect player because our guest (students) are generally good players , if the guest are going to win the coach, they never play again if not they take many lessons!
Our students are almost same every year and , Hotel has 67% repeater guest.
She will eat at the Main restaurant.

Please send your cv at [email protected]