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Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort, Sardegna, Italy

5* Hotel
5 star
Via Porto Vecchio, 2, 07021 Porto Cervo OT, Ιταλία
+39 0789 931111

Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort, Sardegna, Italy

Pink stone and a Moorish Patio for a delightful hotel overlooking the Piazzetta of Porto Cervo, just a few steps from the old pier. Cervo Hotel reflects the spirit of Costa Smeralda: accommodations are charming, airy and bright; the service is impeccable, courteous and attentive.

Gather together with your friends and family for a great meal enhanced by stunning views of the beach or bay. The selection of cuisines ranges from Pizza to Mediterranean specialties. Lounge on our private beach or take a dip in one of our pools. Enjoy some live entertainment for a great night out or simply stay in and relax. via

Policies of Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort, Sardegna, Italy

Amenities of Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort, Sardegna, Italy

In all our properties guests can get the chance to enjoy playing tennis. From June 1 through Sep 30, the Cervo Tennis Club boasts five floodlit synthetic grass courts, only a stone’s throw from Porto Cervo’s famous Piazzetta. Besides, always in the summertime, the Club - an oasis fort total well-being in the heart of the village - provides guests with a gym, a squash court and an outdoor pool. Even the other hotels in Costa Smeralda have local tennis courts for those clients who wish to enjoy this service without leaving the hotel. The Cervo Tennis Club together with the hotels Cala di Volpe and Romazzino will be hosting the Claudio Panatta Academy all summer long. The champion Claudio Panatta and his team of instructors offer bespoke programs (weekly and monthly) and private and group lessons for adults and children alike, as well as ad-hoc campus activities created for children aged 6 to 14 who wish to approach the world of tennis.

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Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort, Sardegna, Italy Sardegna, Italy

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