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La Madone du Mas, Nîmes, France

No Star Hotel
316 Chemin du Mas Bois-Fontaine, 30900 Nîmes, Γαλλία
+336 22 14 83 33

Policies of La Madone du Mas, Nîmes, France

Amenities of La Madone du Mas, Nîmes, France

- Lessons and Tennis course with Coach - Fitness with fitness trainer - Massages, Reflexology - Swimming pool, swimming pool 15x3 - Water aerobics courses - bowls - Tours on horseback, on foot, jogging or cycling in the heart of 50 hectares of Curbs. - Reservations, the Madonna table offers specialties and tasting of wines from the region - Visit workshops of Artists - Catering service - Courses of Tango, Flamenco and Salsa - Private Chef - Room maid - Driver

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La Madone du Mas, Nîmes, France Nîmes, France

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