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Il San Pietro di Positano, Napoli, Italy

5* Hotel
5 star
Via Laurito, 13, 84017 Positano SA, Ιταλία
+39 089 812 080

Il San Pietro di Positano, Napoli, Italy

Il San Pietro is the dream of Carlo Cinque, called “Carlino” by his friends, who created a jewel of Italian hospitality to express the enthusiasm for his land to travelers, inPositano.
Il San Pietro opened to guests on June 29th, 1970, on the promontory that Carlo had loved since he was a child, which gave the best view of the village and the coast.


Carlino would constantly chat with his guests, and put great care into each detail of his hotel, like furnishing the rooms with plants and flowers, to merge his Eden with the original landscape.
Smart and iconic, always wearing his signature straw hat in perfect 70’s style, Carlino developed an innovative role, as an eclectic proprietor throwing big parties for his VIP friends. He was a charismatic and important character in the history of Positano and a key figure in tourism for the élites.

 Hospitality over the years

After his passing in 1984, his niece and nephew, Salvatore and Virginia, took charge of the hotel management, improving its worldwide visibility and fame by joining the group of luxury hotels Relais&Chateaux, and becoming the nest of international stars like Gregory Peck, the Rockefellers, Peter O’Toole, Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, François Mitterand, Dustin Hoffman and the King of Jordan.
When Salvatore passed away, Virginia and her sons Carlo and Vito Cinque, took over management of Il San Pietro.
In 2002 the Zass restaurant received a Michelin star. In the same year, the Spa, transformed from a former farming shelter, opened its doors in a beautiful setting of olive, lemon and rose trees.
In 2008 the new restaurant Carlino was opened, with an al fresco terrace by the sea.

Il San Pietro today

Il San Pietro today, with a staff of over 120 collaborators, is the largest enterprise in Positano. Its 59 rooms are hewn into the rock, each with their own perfectly private terrace and a stunning view. via

Policies of Il San Pietro di Positano, Napoli, Italy

Amenities of Il San Pietro di Positano, Napoli, Italy

The regulation-size tennis court lies between the rock face and a lush Mediterranean greenery, giving the players the unusual pleasure of playing by the sea. The tennis court is for guests only and complimentary.

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Il San Pietro di Positano, Napoli, Italy Napoli, Italy

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