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Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria

4* Hotel
4 star
Marktstraße 6, 5661 Rauris, Austria
+43 6544 6213

Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria

Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria your 4-star hiking hotel in the Rauris Valley, exists and manages itself hand in hand with the unique nature of the National Park Hohe Tauern in Salzburg.

Your hotel in the Rauris Valley, the Rauriserhof, lies in one of the most stunning alpine valleys that Austria has to offer in the heart of the National Park Hohe Tauern. Time seems to have stood still at the doorstep of your hotel in Rauris. The beauty of nature shows itself in all its glory in the Rauris Valley in Austria. Untouched, natural and honest just like the landscape, is also the hospitality, which is cultivated at your hotel in Rauris that is the Rauriserhof.

The connection with nature characterises the philosophy of your hotel in Rauris, the Rauriserhof. For many centuries the people of the Rauris Valley have known about the power of nature as a source of inspiration and mirror of the soul.

Come and stay at the Rauriserhof in Salzburg: your hotel in the Rauris Valley and soak in the open views of the intact nature of the surrounding alpine mountains cape. Use the online enquiry form as your first step closer to a holiday in the wildly romantic Rauris Valley in Austria.

Tradition and innovation at your hotel in the Rauris Valley in Salzburg. The family-run Rauriserhof hotel has been owned by the family Rießlegger-Mayr. They create a most pleasant atmosphere with their cordiality and their love for detail. For more than 50 years the family runs their hotel in Rauris with a lot of joie de vivre, keeping traditions alive and with a sense for the right innovations.

Dining pleasure at four star Hotel Rauriserhof

At the four star Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria an exquisite Rauris restaurant is found. Indulge in culinary Rauris during your holidays in Austria.

If you admire the intact nature found in the Rauris Valley when hiking, then you will know which culinary treasures are to be found there. Enjoy regional specialites, such as Tauern lamb, which was raised by the basics of organic farming. At 4-star hotel Rauriserhof regional produce and foods are the focus!

Next to Salzburger specialties, the Rauris restaurant also serves international dining pleasures. After a long hiking tour or a day spent in the fresh snow the anticipation for something tender, savory or crispy might be big! And if you prefer light cuisine: you also have found the right Rauris restaurant to dine at.

Sport & Outdoor activities

The Rauriserhof invites its guests to enjoy “active relaxation”. In direct vicinity are the ski lifts Hochalmbahnen with about 30km of pistes. Ski schools and rental are also nearby, as is a prepared cross-country ski trail.
Mountain hiking: as a member of “WANDERHOTELS – best Alpine”, the Rauriserhof is your specialist for holidays incorporating an enjoyment of nature. A weekly hiking programme takes place Mondays to Fridays with the hotel’s own hiking guide. The hotel also offers competent touring advice, an extensive hiking information desk and equipment rental (rucksacks, walking sticks, drinking bottles). It also has a fitness room and free bicycle hire.


Policies of Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria

Amenities of Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria

Tennis in Rauris - in the Rauris Valley, Hohe Tauern National Park Passionate tennis players have come to the right place at the 4-star Hotel Rauriserhof in the Hohe Tauern National Park. This is the only tennis hotel in Rauris and the ideal place for those who want to play great tennis while enjoying beautiful mountain scenery of Austria. The two tennis courts at the Rauriserhof hotel are at the foot of the mountains and right in front of your tennis hotel in Rauris. Play tennis in the midst of the wonderful natural scenery of the Rauris Valley in Austria. Enjoy the refreshing mountain air during your game - you won't sweat as much. Spend your summer playing tennis in Rauris, where the sun and a bright blue sky make your game even more fun. And, if, the weather does not co-operate, two indoor courts are your disposal at the indoor tennis centre of your tennis hotel in Austria. A tennis instructor is also available on request. Tennis Hotel in Rauris The Hotel features two indoor courts and two outdoor courts. The hunt for the golden ball becomes the great pleasure in the pleasant atmosphere of the Rauriserhof and in the wonderful surroundings of the Rauris Valley in Austria. Prices for Tennis Courts As part of our packages the use of tennis courts is partly free. Otherwise, the following conditions apply: Tennis-Outdoor Rauriserhof guests EUR 10,-- per hour Non Rauriserhof guests EUR 12,-- per hour Tennis-Indoor Rauriserhof guests EUR 12,-- per hour Non Rauriserhof guests EUR 15,-- per hour

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Hotel Rauriserhof, Rauris, Austria Rauris, Austria

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